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WHY Intellinvest Labs
6 Reasons to Partner with Intellinvest Labs

Data Backed Analysis

Analysis on 12 years of data on mutual funds performance. 

Hard data and statistical analysis  historical distribution of the parameters analysed to create risk-appropriate strategies.





Programmatic assessment

Programmatically assess 100s of schemes over a wide variety of metrics to identify the best for our clients. 

At key stages of the investment journey, and depending on the market and macro-economic conditions, we intervene to manage the mutual fund portfolio.

Help to manage risk & volatility

One that manages risk and volatility, while aiming to produce returns that can help meet long term financial goals.

Process is designed to give appropriate returns basis your goals.




Completely transparent

Not influenced by any factors that are financially beneficial to IntellInvest.

For example, we would NEVER recommend money back insurance policies as an investment option






Keeping your interest in mind

We do not recommend New Fund Offer (NFO) where there is no data to make recommendation even when they typically offer higher commission

We recommend Index funds where the commission might be low, but the investment has better risk adjusted returns

Professionals with over 50 years of analytical & financial experience

Run by professionals with AMFI certification for Mutual Funds Distribution


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Analyzing Global Trends

Analyzing developments across major markets to stay in sync with emerging trends
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Pattern Analysis

Using Machine Learning to read patterns in historical data
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Connecting The Dots

Combining signals from different markets to identify over arching stories
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Risk Management

Manage risk while maintaining the appropriate return trajectory